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Simple Weeknight Fried Rice

After a day full of kitchen failures, it was time to make dinner.  Richard likes cabbage, so I had just bought a beautiful cabbage from the farmer’s market, from a local upstate NY farm. I love the colors. And bonus mom points, I told my children that sliced raw cabbage were called ribbons and it was a special thing to eat. To my surprise, both kids ate them! Woo hoo!

IMG_5913 IMG_5916 IMG_5917 IMG_5919

I made a cup of long grain organic basmati rice from Trader Joe’s (the kind that cooks in only 20 minutes!). I added two dashes of tumeric to the water for both the health benefits of tumeric and the color.

Then I simply sauteed half the cabbage, cut into more ribbons, using grapeseed oil. I also defrosted frozen peas. I mixed all the ingredients with a few dashes of gluten free soy sauce for the final touch. Super super simple!

I did fuss a bit and display my dinner creation in a giant cabbage leaf! It was a beautiful leaf however, so I couldn’t leave it out!