About Experiments in Cooking for Allergies

Welcome to Experiments in Cooking for Allergies!
I’m so glad that you are here and I want you to feel as though you are in my kitchen with me! Sit back, have a cup of tea and enjoy what you see at my blog. I want to share with you all I have learned about cooking with an allergic child, and how it isn’t that hard. My biggest hope is that these recipes will be easy for you to try at home, and use in your everyday life. If even only one of these recipes is a success for you, then I’ve done my job at this blog!

If you want to eat healthier and provide delicious and healthy home-cooked meals for your family, then this is the blog for you! Even if you don’t have an allergic child, these recipes are meant to be delicious and healthy for everyone!

This blog is meant to be an evolution of everything I have learned by eliminating certain allergens in my home.  In my home, we have eliminated gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and apples. This blog is also my online cook book, most of the recipes I choose to share are ones we eat over and over.

Some great things you will find on my blog:
Kids in the Kitchen: Kid-friendly recipes and ways of sharing the joys of healthy cooking with children.
New Favorites: Discover nutritious (and delicious) whole food ingredients that add a healthy variety to everyday cooking.
Old Favorites: Making favorite recipes healthier by using real food ingredients and techniques! Discover how to replace allergic ingredients with ones your family can enjoy!
Experimentation: I’m learning how to do all of this along with you! Won’t you join me in this journey?

About me and my children:
I’m a mom of a 4 year old girl and an independent 2 year old boy. I nursed my daughter until 21 months old, when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy and my milk supply dried up. My son will be nursed until well beyond 2 because of the health benefits of nursing an allergy child. He is allergic to rye, eggs, dairy, and apples. He is gluten free and nut free as a precaution. I am allergic to tree nuts and stone fruits. Making healthy food from scratch has always been a goal of mine, and now it’s a necessity!

You can find out about my artist background and paintings here on my other blog:


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Thanks for looking at my blogs and I hope you find much inspiration!!


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