Real Peach Gelatin

I only got one snapshot of this peach gelatin, at a family picnic hosted by my mother and father in law. The meal was a fantastic late summer feast. The peach gelatin was my contribution, and it was liked by all!  The children were a bit hesitant, but it had a vibrant peach flavor that brought the kids back for more.

peach gelatin

There is my gelatin ring, with nice chunks of real peaches in it. Between my daughter and the delicious local corn.  I used my only piece of real Tupperware.

My wonderful husband did much of the hard work on this one. We used the slow cooker peaches described in yesterday’s post.

1/2 Cup cool water
1/2 Cup very hot water (not boiling)
3 Cups real peach juice (reserved from the slow cooker. We had to add some water to ours since we didn’t get 3 cups. It was fine.)2 Tablespoons beef gelatin
4 Cups peaches from slow cooker (these have sugar I added during the slow cooking process)

In a large mixing bowl, mix the gelatin with the cool water and stir quickly until well combined.

Next, add the hot water and keep stirring.

Then, add the juice, and keep stirring.

Place the peaches in the gelatin mold. Pour the gelatin mixture over the fruit, and stir slightly so that gelatin coats the fruit.

Put the top on the mold and refrigerate,  2-3 hours or overnight.

This recipe is based on one we found on Wellness Mama.


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