Peaches and more!


We had our most spectacular harvest of front yard peaches this summer! August has been the month of peaches, with this past week being the lion’s share of work (play?) getting them all sorted and processed in some way or another.  We also made a lot of peach foods! A peach crumble pie, peach jello, peach bread, and peach preserves! So many peaches! They are so good, they taste like summertime.

Peaches Peaches Peaches

After a busy summer of day camps, swim lessons, and weekend getaways, it has been nice to unwind and simply peel peaches with the children. My daughter asks “is today a home day?” excitedly. She loves when she has a free day to play at home, and snack on our bounty. Our backyard garden is doing great this year, too. Tomatoes are late since they were self-seedlings. N and J eat these straight off the vine! Our corn is doing awesome. Squash plants sadly succumbed to squash bugs, but we still got a few good winter squashes. And our hops vines are beautiful in mid-August! Herbs are bushy and ready to be dried. I let my lettuce go to seed again, hoping that they self sow like in years past.

Corn IMG_5582 Kids playing in garden hops


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