Sandwich Bread


I talk a lot about gluten free bread on my blog! I guess I just love that I can make this bread that seems to me to be commercially unavailable. The frozen gluten free bread in the stores by me all have egg in them, and the taste isn’t very good. I’m able to keep costs down by buying bulk flours, and of course experimenting!

I was out of teff flour, which gives the bread a nutritional punch, as well as imitates whole wheat in both color and flavor. Teff flour is often priced very high, and I am waiting to see if I can get a better deal before I buy it again. So I started experimenting with other flours that I can substitute for teff. I came up with the medium colored bread, shown in the picture, by substituting brown rice flour for the teff flour. This bread tastes mild and like bread.

I also came up with a very white sandwich bread by substituting quinoa flour for the teff flour. This one had a mild quinoa flavor, that was detectable. I brought the quinoa loaf to a picnic, and a non-gf mom could easily guess that the new ingredient was quinoa. I love quinoa, so that was a good thing to me!  A second mom at the picnic, who is gf, proclaimed “it’s real bread!”. Yes! A success!

The recipe is here. The changes are:

Replace 1/2 Cup teff flour with brown rice flour for two medium color loaves.

Replace 1/2 Cup teff flour with quinoa flour for two white bread loaves.

Happy baking!!



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