Peabutter Dip and Preschool Art Show

peabutter dip

I loved attending my daughter’s art show at preschool this week. It reminds me of how much I loved art shows in college, and then in my early 20s in NYC. Some of the best times! The preschool artwork was sculptural, with found objects, recycled objects, and collage items.  All of the students had a very imaginative interpretation of their creations, which was fantastic! I love how they can look at bottle caps and paper towel rolls and see houses, fortresses, parks, etc. Everything was painted in bright, happy colors, and you could tell that the students were proud of their projects.

Juliana's artwork

Peabutter, made from golden peas, is my new favorite peanut butter alternative! I was using I M Healthy soynut butter for a while, but recently made the switch since I don’t want to over-do the amount of soy in our diets. I use the peabutter called No Nut Butter by the Sneaky Chef. This is also the favorite food currently for my son, who loves the creaminess and flavor.


This peabutter is good on it’s own, but I changed it a tiny bit to make a dip. I added confectioner’s sugar and rice milk, then stirred to make it more creamy.

4 Tablespoons golden pea butter
1 Tablespoon confectioner’s sugar
4 Teaspoons (or more) rice milk

Stir all ingredients to combine. Add more rice milk if it seems too thick. It should be a good consistency for a preschooler to dip carrots, apple slices, etc in. Serve with assorted fruits and veggies. Great for parties or art shows!


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