Butternut Squash, Carrot and Raisin Muffins


I joined the most wonderful group, Wholeshare. It’s an online local community for produce, meats, veggies, and much of the food is organic or uses organic practices. And it’s fun! I’ve gotten some really great produce already, and one of my absolute favorites has been local butternut squash by Hudson Valley Harvest.


The butternut squash was fresh, cut easily, and was a deep orange color. The aroma and color was closer to pumpkin than butternut, which I loved! The seeds scooped out easily, and the whole processing time was about 5 minutes. I roasted my squashes in a 350 degree oven for an hour, cut side down, with a few tablespoons of water in the pan. I didn’t add any salt or oil to my roasting because I want to use these for both savory and sweet dishes.


I froze much of my puree (I bought 10 pounds of squash) for later use. I cooked some plain as a side for dinner, with only a light sprinkle of sea salt. Delicious!  I thought about using my already existing pumpkin muffin recipe next, but I was not happy when re-reading it. The recipe wasn’t exact and the muffins never fully set. I needed a new recipe.

I am trying to simplify the gluten free part of my recipes so that they are more appealing to a larger audience. Not everyone wants to buy so many different flours and starches. I started usinga very simple gluten free flour blend: garbanzo bean flour and brown rice flour in a 1:1 ratio. So simple to remember and use! Plus, it’s high in protein for a healthy punch!

The next ingredient I’m excited about is local honey from Hudson Valley Harvest. The flavor is outstanding!  I only used 1/4 cup in this recipe, and the flavor of the honey was still noticeable. I’ve read so much about using local honey as a way to help control allergies; this honey will be part of our diet now on.

Lastly, I added finely shredded organic carrots and raisins to make this more of a breakfast or brunch food, rather than a dessert. It’s not very sweet, but the carrots and raisins really help with the sweetness factor. I love carrot cake, and this has a nice similar flavor. If you want glaze on them, my coconut icing from pumpkin muffins would work nicely.

1/2 Cup brown rice flour
1/2 Cup garbanzo bean flour
2 Tablespoons Teff flour
1/4 Cup local honey
1 Teaspoon baking powder
1/2 Teaspoon baking soda
1/2 Teaspoon sea salt
3/4 Cup butternut squash puree
2 Tablespoons flaxmeal soaked in 6 tablespoons rice milk, allow to soak 5-10 minutes
1 Tablespoon coconut oil, melted.
2 Carrots, finely shredded
1/2 Cup raisins

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Soak flaxmeal in rice milk and set aside. In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine brown rice flour, garbanzo bean flour, teff flour, baking powder, baking soda, and sea salt. Next add soaked flaxmeal, butternut squash puree, honey, and melted coconut oil. Mix until well combined. Add shredded carrots and raisins last and mix until just combined. Grease or line with paper cups a muffin pan for 12 muffins. Bake for 18 minutes, until a wooded toothpick comes out clean. Cool and eat! Makes 1 dozen muffins. 




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