Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Halloween is just a few days away! What a fun time of the year. It is a nervous time of year for a mom of a child with a food allergy, or many food allergies. Time to get into high gear for baking and making alternative foods to bring with me for all the parties we are invited to this week, and there seems to be no lack of good times! For my son who is only 2, I want to make sure that he experiences this time of year with joy.  I also didn’t want to spend all my time in the kitchen, so I used a tried and true recipe, my banana oatmeal muffins! These worked great as mini muffins! The original post with the recipe is here.

mini oatmeal banana muffins raisins

This time, I used a lined mini muffin pan, and I baked these at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. For my add ins, I used a half cup of sunflower seeds and a half cup of raisins. I have 2 parties to go to in the next 2 days, and I’m hoping these last that long!! Kids and husband have already requested seconds!!

mini oatmeal banana muffins

Our jack o lantern

Check out our carved pumpkin and our preschool art projects too!


One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Lisa H

    Halloween is a tough time. I’ve convinced her that Nightmare Moon is real and we should give her all the candy, and that Princess Luna will give her a toy.


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